Persian Ironwood, Parrotia persica


Medium sized deciduous tree which can be grown with single trunk or multi stemmed.  Strongly horizontal braches radiate from the main trunk/s. Leaves emerge reddish-purple in spring, dark green in summer and change to variable shades of yellow, orange and red in Autumn. The bark of mature trees forms a patchwork of green, white or tan. Well suited to informal hedging or pleaching.


Tree shape:

Conical broadening with age.


Special features:  

Interesting tree shape and multi colour Autumn colour.


Tree size* at 10 years:

12ft tall by 12ft wide  (Approx 4 x 4m)


*Please note tree sizes are given as an average only.  Variables to growth include, water availabilty, nutrition and site.

Persian Ironwood, Parrotia persica