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'Belle de Boskoop'


The Belle de Boskoop originated as a seedling in the Ottolander family nursery at Boskoop, Holland in 1856.
This apple tree produces fruit medium in size with a slightly squat round shape.  Apples have greenish-yellow skin blushed and mottled a bright red with darker red stripes. The base is covered with a brown russet that extends over the surface.  The skin is very dry to the touch. It is an all purpose, tart apple with a high acid content. Chefs and cider makers prize it for its sharp flavour and its highly aromatic flesh that sweetens in storage or while left hanging late on the tree. 



All Puropse apple but particularily good for cooking and hard cider.  Keeps its shape when cooked.



Late season, mid to late October



Akane, Cortland, Golden Russet, Granny Smith, Pink Lady.


This variety is classified as a 'triploid' variety.  It requires either a 'self fertile' pollinator or two other varieties that flower the same time.  For further clarification please see our frequently asked quations section.  White flowered crabapples also serve as a good pollinator.


For other varieties that will pollinate this variety we recommmend this 'Pollination Checker' from out friends at Orange Pippin Trees in the UK. 

'Belle de Boskoop'

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