Budagovski 9 (B9) Apple Rootstock (per 10)

Super Dwarf Apple Rootstock 30% of seedling.

Large fruit heavy cropping.

Trees need to be staked or trellised.

Minimal pruning required

Ideal for espailer.


We offer two sizes or thicknesses:

Grafting grade which can be grafted straight away once received.

Liner grade which can be planted out and grown on for summer chip budding or grafting the following Spring.  If you need clarification of this please ask.


Percentages given are in relation to the size of a cultivar grafted on a seedling rootstock.  The vigor of the scion cultivar will also  influence the eventual size of the tree


See 'Rootstock Sizes' for comparison to other apple rootstocks

Budagovski 9 (B9) Apple Rootstock (per 10)

  • We can ship to all other provinces except British Columbia.  For rootstock orders from outside the Maritimes you will be unable to check out online. To order please email using the general enquiry form at the bottom of the 'Ordering and Shipping' page.