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Ellepot Seed Tray (72 plugs)

State of the art propagation plugs with Ellepot paper.  These plugs are made of biodegradable paper with a professional blend of potting mix which is made in New Brunswick. The mix is a combination of peat and reclaimed wood fibre.  Very good at retaining nutrients and easy to manage moisture.  The Ellepots are charged with  plant food meaning you do not have to worry about feeding your seedlings. 

The trays are air pruning for the healthiest roots and are reusable.  Growing in Ellepots means roots are not disturbed eliminating transplant shock and making them very easy to plant. 

Ellepot plugs are also available to re fill the trays. 

The plugs measure 2 1/2“ in diameter and 3” deep.

Perfect for direct seeding and cutting grown plants!


We manufacture these plugs locally in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia.




Ellepot Seed Tray (72 plugs)

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