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'Hokuto' (Aka. 'Northern STAR')


The World's heaviest apple is a Hokuto apple over 4 pounds! (1,849 grams) The Hokuto apple is a hybrid of the Fuji and Mutsu apple breeds. Know for it’s Really big and round in shape, with red stripes on a yellowish background.It was introduced in 1983 by Aomori Apple Experiment Station, Japan. This apple has pale yellow flesh with high sugar content and a nice balanced flavour.  Keeps well



Mainly used for fresh eating



Late season, late October



John Downie, Gorgeous, Dolgo

This variety is classified as a 'triploid' variety.  It requires either a 'self fertile' pollinator or two other varieties that flower the same time.  For further clarification please see our frequently asked quations section.  White flowereed crabapples also serve as a good pollinator.

'Hokuto' (Aka. 'Northern STAR')

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