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'Katsura' Japanese Maple


The Katsura Japanese Maple is one of the brightest spring trees, with amazing yellow leaves with coral red edges. The light green summer leaves give way to bright tones of yellow and orange in fall.

This tree does best in full sun to partial shade. You may want to keep it away from hot, dry locations that receive direct afternoon sun or which get reflected sunlight, such as against the south side of a white wall and is best plantd in a sheltered location.  A thick mulch around the root zone is reccommened . 


Tree shape: Vase shaped



Special features:  



Tree size* at 10 years:

10t tall by 10ft wide  (Approx 3m x 3m) 


*Please note tree sizes are given as an average only.  Variables to growth include, water availabilty, nutrition and site.


Trees are produced in special air pruning pots to prevent root circling. These pots are not single use and we require their return or we offer a collection service. 

'Katsura' Japanese Maple

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