Crabapple 'Kerr'


Single white blossoms in Spring.  Medium to large red crabapples ideal for jelly cider, hard cider but can also eaten fesh.  It has a long bloom period making it an excellent choice for pollinating other apples. Prolific cropper.  Bred in Manitoba in 1952. 


Tree shape:



Special features:  

White blossom, red crabapples for  cider and jellies but can be eaten fresh. Used as the 'sweet' component of hard cider.


Tree size* at 10 years:

12ft tall by 12ft wide  (Approx 4 x 4m)


*Please note tree sizes are given as an average only.  Variables to growth include, water availabilty, nutrition and site.

Crabapple 'Kerr'