Malus Floribunda


Commonly called Japanese crabapple is one of the best varieties produceing one of the best flowering displays in mid-spring of any of the crabapples.  Red buds open in spring to fragrant, pale pink flowers (1.25" diameter) which mature to white. Flowers are followed by small, yellowish crabapples (to 1/2" diameter) with a red blush. Flowers and crabapples are very profuse, but the fruits are not particularly showy  by crabapple standards.   


Tree shape:

Globe shaped that is dense and broad-spreading


Special features:  

Spring blossom and slender ovate, serrate, dark green leaves. Small fruit attractive to birds.


Tree size* at 10 years:



*Please note tree sizes are given as an average only.  Variables to growth include, water availabilty, nutrition and site.

Malus Floribunda