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'Mutsu' ('Crispin')


Very large eating apple which is sweet and juicy. Honey flavoured. Developed in Japan in the 1930's. Skin colour is yellow/green often blushed with pink. Mainly used as a fresh eating apple but can be used for pies, pieces hold their shape. Usually on ly 1-2 apples required to make a pie!



Eating fresh, pies.



Early, end of September.



Akane, Golden Russet, Granny Smith, Sweet Sixteen, Wolf River, Yellow Transparent

This variety is classified as a 'triploid' variety. It requires either a 'self fertile' pollinator or two other varieties that flower the same time. For further clarification please see our frequently asked questions section. White flowered crabapples also serve as a good pollinator.

For other varieties that will pollinate this variety we recommmend this 'Pollination Checker'from out friends at Orange Pippin Trees in the UK.

'Mutsu' ('Crispin')

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