Bright red skin with pure white flesh.  Developed at the Canada Agriculture Research Station in Summerland, B.C. Spartan is a excellent multi-purpose variety.  Primarily used for fresh eating but also makes very good cider. Also good for adding sweetness to hard cider.  Ideal sized apple for kid's lunches. Stores for long periods. Can be held on the tree for a long period after ripening.

Resistent to fire blight, scab and mildew.



Fresh eating, cider and hard cider.



Mid season strarting in early October.



Partially self fertile, Akane, Fuji, Gala, Gingergold,  Golden Russet


White flowering crabapples are also good pollinisers for this variety.

For other varieties that will pollinate this variety we recommmend this 'Pollination Checker' from out friends at Orange Pippin Trees in the UK.