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Urban Tangy Green


Tangy Green Urban Apple is a naturally self supporting columnar apple.  It was developed by the late Dr. Jaroslav Tupey of the Czech Republic.  This variety produces green skinned apples that are tart and crisp. Excellent for those who enjoy eating tart apples like Granny Smith. Being a columnar apple, this variety takes up little space so now even those with little yard space can grow apples!.


Very resistant to apple scab. 


Columnar apple trees do need to be pruned each year. Thinning out excess branching for better sunlight on the fruit. Columnar varieties may produce too many apples, so thin the fruits in mid-June to promote good fruit size if needed. Best to thin each apple about 6″ apart.



Excellent for cooking and fresh eating. 



Mid season



Empire, Dolgo, 


Urban Tangy Green

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